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Are you experiencing difficulties with fatigue, weight loss, poor sleep, brain fog, or feelings of anxiety and depression?

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a cycle of endless prescriptions, wondering if there’s a better way to address those persistent symptoms?

At Inspired Change Wellness, we empower you to embrace life with renewed vigor through our holistic approach to wellness, rooted in science and tailored to your unique needs.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal imbalances can steal your energy, sleep, and confidence. At Inspired Change Wellness, we restore balance to hormones naturally or with bioidentical hormones, it’s your choice. We tailor treatment to your goals and needs so that you have vibrant energy, deeper sleep, calmer moods, and overall feel like “yourself.” Ditch the discomfort and reclaim your radiant self.

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Conditions We Treat

Hormone Imbalances

We specialize in addressing hormonal imbalances that commonly for both men and women, helping you regain hormonal equilibrium for better overall health and well-being.

Weight Loss

Our approach focuses on sustainable weight management, taking into account the unique challenges that women in perimenopause and menopause face, helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Fatigue & Exhaustion

We understand the debilitating impact of fatigue and exhaustion on your daily life. Our methods aim to boost your energy levels and vitality so you can thrive, even during hormonal changes.


 We focus on enhancing the quality of sleep during perimenopause and menopause, addressing issues such as night sweats, hot flashes, and insomnia to promote restful and restorative sleep.

Anxiety & Mood

We provide support for managing anxiety and mood swings, offering natural solutions that can enhance your emotional well-being and quality of life.

Brain Fog

If you’re experiencing cognitive challenges and mental clarity issues, we can help you regain focus and mental acuity through a combination of hormone and gut health strategies.

Headaches and Migraines

We address the specific triggers and underlying causes of headaches and migraines, tailoring treatment plans to reduce their frequency and intensity.

Stress & Thyroid

Our approach incorporates stress reduction techniques to support your overall well-being and improve thyroid health, ensuring you have the tools to manage stress effectively during menopausal transitions.



Hormone Balancing For Women services

Hormone Balancing

For men and Women

This method of hormone optimization starts with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). These hormones match exactly what your body produces and we tailor them for your individual needs.

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A natural way to restore harmony within the body using botanicals and food. Restoring Gut and Liver balance enables our Body to function optimally.



Weight Loss

Together, we will attain your weight loss goals through a personalized holistic strategy that incorporates medication, educational resources, ongoing accountability, and dedicated support.

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A way to restore vitality and stimulate the body’s natural ability for cellular growth and repair.


Integrating Health Coaching


I listen and work with you to teach you lifestyle adaptations including nutrition and nutrient, meditation, stress and sleep management, as well as other Functional/Integrative modalities.


Start The Path to a Healthier You


What People Say

See the powerful impact of my personalized program on my clients’ lives, as they share their own stories of success and health transformation.

"I am writing this as of working with Eileen at Inspired Change Wellness for over a year and am happy to be back with a new review to say that I am absolutely amazed at how much health and wellness I've gained working with Eileen. I have had care regarding my hormones, thyroid, diet and gut issues and after a year I can't believe how much better I feel. When I began this journey a year ago I was so sick, uncomfortable and unhappy and truly had lost most hope. I could never have imagined I could feel as well as I currently do, it is amazing. I've lost 100 pounds, gotten my inflammation under control, have energy, am sleeping through the night, my energy is up, skin is healthy, I'm exercising now. I no longer suffer from hot flashes, am off all my autoimmune meds, have weaned off my antidepressant and now have a solid sustainable lifestyle due to the education and support I've received from Inspired Change Wellness. I highly recommend working with Eileen, she will help you reclaim the things we deserve in our life as women while supporting you with compassion and patience. I'm so grateful to her for the future health and wellness I have ahead."
- Becky S.
Mom of 3
"Eileen provides great care and resources and is readily available to answer questions and provide advice. She holds people accountable and is very supportive. She has helped me get on a healthier path and feel much better!"
- Pam W.
Law Enforcement
"The Coaching and Mentorship part of the Program was a big help to me. Eileen was always there for me and had confidence in me even when I was lacking in that department. It also really helped to have someone to be accountable to other than just myself."
- Stacy M.
Vice President
"Eileen’s comprehensive wellness program has given me my life back. Eileen’s daily check-ins with nutrition tips, 1:1 calls and support has helped me lose 20lbs and I’ll be forever grateful. My kids are happy to have their mom back. Let the journey continue"
- Gretchen B.
Nurse Practitioner
"Eileen has been great! She really cares about getting me healthy! I’ve lost 20lbs since I’ve started seeing her and I feel so much better! As a guy it’s difficult to admit you have an issue but Eileen has made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Eileen for men’s health issues! She knows her stuff!"
- Jay M.
"Functional Medicine, personalized care and attention is just what I needed and what I received from Inspired Change Wellness. After two years of searching to know what medically is causing inflammation and limb pain, I now have knowledge of what’s contributing to pain and fatigue AND we have a plan of action that is manageable and measurable! So excited for the journey to healing. I have new knowledge and a plan. Eileen is working with me on the timeline that is best for my mental and physical health, and promises to keep me accountable."
- Kim W.
"I got involved with Inspired Change Wellness because of my wife. My wife has been struggling with weight and joint pain issues for a number of years and I knew for her to be successful, I would need to be involved as well. My wife and I have been a part of Inspired Change Wellness since the first of February and I joined knowing I would need to do something to change the path of health I was on. I weighed 341lbs and my health indicators all pointing towards early diabetes along with heart and cholesterol problems. Thus far, with Eileen's help and the councilors available through Inspired Change Wellness, we have improved our diet and eating habits, introduced more physical exercise and more importantly, at the writing of this review, I have lost 42lbs and my wife has lost 25lbs. It's not easy but it is worth the effort and investment! No drugs or surgery! Just an improved plan that makes us reconsider all the junk and bad foods we had been eating before this and education that ensures we keep the weight off, keep my blood sugars under control, and give my body the things it needs to function at its best."
- Clark W.
"Eileen has been great! She really cares about getting me healthy! I’ve lost 20lbs since I’ve started seeing her and I feel so much better! As a guy it’s difficult to admit you have an issue but Eileen has made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Eileen for men’s health issues! She knows her stuff!"
- Jay M.
"Eileen is so personable and very knowledgeable. Also very quick to communicate with."
- Beth M.
"My experience with Eileen has been unbelievable. Not only have I been able to lose significant weight but Eileen has helped me transform my health. I feel better than I have in years!"
- Mollie H.
"Eileen has a wealth of knowledge and ability to see what your body is really doing."
- Corbett A.
"Best experience"
- Julie R.
"This has been a fantastic experience for me. Eileen is so committed to digging in and finding areas of improvement for better health. Her level of expertise is invaluable and I am impressed and grateful of her commitment to ensuring my understanding of the situation and solution."
- Marcia Y.
"Eileen has been amazing at trying to get me feeling right! Just getting started in my journey...can't wait to check back in a few months and update how I'm feeling! Highly recommend you invest in yourself, take the time to feel amazing again!"
- Amy M.
"I have been working with Eileen for the past few weeks and I have felt better than I have in years! She is so positive! You know she’s in your corner!!! If you are struggling with gut health or you are unsure, reach out! She will help you!! While it’s not a “weight loss” program, but a gut detox, I lost 11 pounds the first month!!."
- Jill C.



Your Unique Journey


Our approach to functional medicine stands out due to its personalized and holistic nature. Our objective extends beyond merely addressing chronic health issues; we aim to empower you to attain vibrant vitality. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating holistic and functional medicine techniques, ensuring your safety and optimizing your overall health and well-being.


Upon conducting a thorough intake, encompassing both historical and current symptoms and a comprehensive review of laboratory results, we meticulously design a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. This plan is crafted to not only address your current health concerns but also to lay the foundation for your enduring well-being, ensuring long-term health and vitality. We ensure success through accountability with our Wellness Coaches.

Root Cause Approach

Root Cause Approach


At Inspired Change Wellness, we’re not interested in quick fixes or masking symptoms. Instead, we’re committed to getting to the root cause of your health issues. Our approach dives deep into the core imbalances that underlie your current symptoms.


Our dedicated team of professionals takes a thorough, personalized approach to helping you reach your health goals. We look at lifestyle habits, environmental toxins, as well as gut and hormonal imbalances. These factors are often responsible for weight gain, fatigue and exhaustion, anxiety and depression, brain fog, migraines, and sleep problems to name a few. We believe that addressing the underlying issues is the key to achieving long-term results.

Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different


Functional Medicine represents the future of healthcare. Our approach centers on revitalizing your body’s inherent capacity for healing rather than merely addressing symptoms. Through a fusion of scientifically backed testing and the integration of healthier lifestyle practices, we treat the complete individual, not isolated body parts.


A universal approach rarely suffices. This is why the traditional medical model often falls short. At Inspired Change Wellness, we don’t use generic remedies. Instead, we diligently identify the root causes behind your discomfort, even if you’ve heard assurances of “everything’s fine” elsewhere. Our commitment is to uncover the true source of your health challenges.


Eileen Frausto

I’m Eileen Frausto, a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP-BC) and the founder of Inspired Change Wellness. As a women in my 40’s, I know firsthand the importance of personalized care during the transition through perimenopause and menopause. That’s why I established Inspired Change Wellness in 2022 – to provide a Functional and Integrative approach to hormone balancing that targets the root cause of your symptoms and offers tailored, effective and holostic care. 

At Inspired Change Wellness, we prioritize care do do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. My team and I collect detailed health information and overall lifestyle habits to design a personalized path to health and wellness for each patient. I take time to listen to your concerns, and identify the root of the problem, and I provide personalized treatment services beased on your unique needs. 


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